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Shift gear towards an ACTIV LIFESTYLE

Lectro is Electrically Pedal Assisted Cycle (EPAC) and achieves 30 km to 40 km of range per charge. Lectro combines real world range, performance, safety and eco-friendly fun ride that only Hero Cycles can build.

Salient Features of Lectro


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With chargeable battery, doubtless efficiency and smooth handling, SPARK bikes offer the best riding experience that one can get on a daily basis. With no effect of the nature, these are two wheel energy bikes are perfect for all fitness enthusiasts.

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RENEW bikes give you the perfect experience with its accuracy in design and technically advance features. With added innovation, these bikes will let you enhance your health and lifestyle.

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Lectro uses revolutionary Lithium-ion technology for its battery packs. Our Lithium-Ion batteries can be charged or discharged at any time irrespective of their existing charge levels. The three point led indicator displays the charge level of the battery.

Fat tires

Fat tires help the bike float through snow, sand, mud, and any terrain you may come across. This opens the door to epic rides into wild places not normally accessible by conventional electric bikes.


Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) Japanese technology motors are a type of synchronous motor which is integrated with accelerator sensor at throttle grip. This motor controlled by state-of-the-art controller which is located below the battery box.

Suspension Fork

If the big bouncy 4’’/10cm wide Kenda fatbike tires were not enough to smooth your path, the suspension fork brings you unparalleled comfort not found on traditional rigid Fat Bikes. You will love the way this bike feels!



Presenting Lectro - The Engineering Marvel from the house of Hero Cycles


Why Ride an EPAC?

Lectro is an electric bike with pedal assistance.

It could be a perfect hobby, a passion or a regular mode of transport. Lectro will define everyday commuting as it will prove to be the most convenient way to get that complete riding experience.

Lectro gets charged through your power plugs at your home or by simply plugging detachable batteries using the power chords.

The other positive aspects of riding an EPAC are negligible carbon footprint, safe riding and whole new experience which you enjoy and also stay healthy. So, push the pedal towards a better environment and a healthy lifestyle!

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If there’s one thing all of our Lectro Riders share, it’s a penchant for having fun. We love that such an engaging and enthusiastic community has formed around our beautiful electric bikes, and hope you enjoy their stories.

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